Groups Distance themselves from Shawna Forde, violence

stop_hate12 Since the news of the brutal murder of Brisenia Flores and her father Raul broke, groups like the Minutemen, ALIPAC and FAIR have been doing their best to distance themselves from Shawna Forde - the alleged ringleader in the murders.

Long Island Wins has a great piece up about their attempt to "re-write history":

The arrest of three Minutemen for the murders of a Latino man and his 9 year old daughter has led to a rewriting of history on anti-immigrant sites around the country. All of a sudden, no one knew the three killers, even though one of them was a prominent figure in the movement.

Shawna Forde, who allegedly cooked up the deadly plot to raise money for political action had close ties to Jim Gilchrist, the one the two founders of the Minutemen. His website had defended her against criticism from other anti-immigrant activists as recently as January of this year. Yet, if you go to his site today, pages that Google says listed her have been scrubbed.

Same thing with VDARE, the homepage of educated racism. The site had an article criticizing a newspaper that had called Forde's claims of having been abducted by aliens (Latino immigrants, not space monkeys) far-fetched. The page was scrubbed. It only exists as a Google cache and will soon disappear. Cowards. If you want to back up a woman her brother describes as a sociopathic liar you should at least leave your endorsement up when she is also shown to be a psychopathic murderer.

Chris Simcox is one of the founders of the Minuteman militias. His name is familiar to some Long Islanders because of his role in trying to create an armed anti-immigrant militia group here on Long Island at the behest of the now defunct Sachem Quality of Life organization, a one-time ally of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. Simcox is now running for Senate against John McCain in the Republican primary in Arizona. I went to his web site and noticed that he stopped posting as soon as the three Minutemen were arrested for the Arizona murders.

A lot of Minuteman groups around the country are claiming they never heard of her and that she was not involved in their movement. Or, they are claiming that they did know her but didn't really have anything to do with her. None of this seems to fit the known facts about her and her involvement with the top leadership of the organization, with men who have been frequent guests on FOX News and Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Jeff Schwilk, the leader of the San Diego Minutemen, in his denial of involvement with Shawna Forde gave the most damning statement about her and his own armed militia: "I've been concerned about her and her impact on our movement... Irrational people with assault rifles at the border is a recipe for disaster."

Exactly what I've been saying since I first heard of the Minutemen.

H/T to Long Island Wins blog!