Governor's races heat-up, opportunities on immigration

As many pundits look towards 2008, local advocates across the country set their eyes on a much closer political goal- the 2007 elections... And the governor's races are wide open in at least two states: KY and LA. Get the full story HERE As candidates in these states vy for office, addressing immigration needs within their states should be a high priority. Though fixing the problems with our immigration system is clearly under the jurisdiction of the federal government, state officials play a major role in shaping local policies towards immigration.

Immigrant communities can be a MAJOR boon for localities that provide the appropriate integration infrastructures to allow regions to capitalize the benefits of immigration. Governors can play a major role in thie process, as evidenced by the groundbreaking Executive order coordinated by state officials from Illinois, the Governor himself, and community advocates including the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - Check out the New Americans programs in Illinois HERE

The Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is already starting to bring immigration to the forefront of the Kentucky political scene through grassroots organizing across the state... let's keep the fires hot and let these candidates know that we demand welcoming and effective integration programs in ALL OF OUR STATES!