Got a Problem? Blame the Immigrants!

From America's Voice:

Did you know that immigrants are to blame for Global Warming? That's the conclusion of a recent "study" released by the anti-immigrant "think" tank - the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which has a history of publishing less-than-credible research.

After a careful review of "Immigration to the United States and World-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions," we produced this video to tell it like it is: a bunch of… well… watch the video.

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The question is, what will immigrants be blamed for next?

In just the last few weeks, it’s been Global Warming, Stealing Elections, and now- you guessed it - the Wall Street Meltdown.

Well, this is your chance to weigh in. No joke -- having blamed immigrants for nearly every problem facing the world, we are concerned that the anti-immigrant brain trust is scraping the bottom of the barrel. So in the interest of promoting a lively debate, please take our 10-second poll and forward to friends!

Next week, America’s Voice will send your top three suggestions for their next study to CIS, top political reporters, and Members of Congress leading the debate on immigration policy.

Thanks for casting your vote!

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The choices are:

  • Rising Gas Prices
  • Declining Dow
  • Eating California Schoolchildrens' Homework
  • The Next Hurricane, Hurricane Juanita
  • Blocking Off-Shore Drilling
  • Conducting Off-Shore Drilling

I think I'm going to blame them for..... the next hurricane: JUANITA!

You know they are just sitting around planning how to get that storm to cross the border illegally and destory our culture.