GOP Reaches New Low Point


For Immediate Release: August 1, 2014

Republicans Yield to Racist Wing in Moves to Vilify Children Fleeing Violence and Deport Young Dreamers

Washington – The nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), released the following statement on behalf of Kica Matos following votes by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives promoting mass deportation, family separation, and turning their backs on children fleeing violence in Central America:

“Turning their back from children at their most vulnerable — children fleeing violence and rape — is vile, despicable and a historical low point for Republicans. It’s a moral outrage for the GOP to vilify children crossing the border fleeing gang violence, in effect using them for political purposes and catering to the worst anti-brown, anti-immigrant elements of their extreme base.

“What’s more, by voting to gut DACA, Republicans make clear that their solution to our broken immigration system is mass removal of immigrant families from our communities — taking children from parents, and vice versa, at mass scale. This vote will never make it into law, but it will be seared in the collective memories of Latino and immigrant voters for years to come.

"Make no mistake: this means that the worst elements of the extreme right wing have the reins of the Republican Party and embodies the very dysfunction that forces President Obama to act on behalf of our communities. Republicans are trading our families for the far-right wing base, but our families and the broader American public will not stand for it.”



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