God loves migrants

catholicprotest.jpg Just found this article covering Christian support for migrant rights. It brightened my day, I hope it does yours. 

In a Sept. 27 statement, Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Migration, said it was disturbing the U.S. hasn't found "the will to humanely address" immigration. Here's more from Bishop Barnes, according to a story in Catholic Online:

To compound matters, local jurisdictions have been pitted against each other, with some cities or counties passing anti-immigrant measures. State and local laws that seek to force migrants to leave the country by denying them the means to subsist not only violate human dignity, but undermine the common good.

I especially think it is worth going to this site, because the comment posts are so RABIDLY anti-migrant- it would be nice to put a couple of pro-ones up there.

InterfaithFIRM Admin