Girl Who Met with Pope Francis About Immigration Speaks With John Boehner



For Immediate Release: June 19, 2014 Contact: Ricardo A. Ramírez, 202-905-1738

WASHINGTON – Ten-year-old Jersey Vargas, who spoke with Pope Francis about immigration, tried to meet with Speaker Boehner today about the tragedy that family separation means to children like her. In a brief encounter in the Capitol – before Boehner quickly walked away – Jersey asked Speaker Boehner to end the family-separation crisis that House Republicans keep in place.

“I wanted to give Speaker John Boehner the same message I gave Pope Francis: Please help us children. It is unfair that thousands upon thousands of kids like me are faced with the tragedy of losing a mom or a dad or having our family destroyed. This is not about politics, it’s about us, the children. Please, Speaker Boehner, help us.”

While a judge intervened to prevent Jersey from losing her family, the fourth grader still wants Speaker Boehner to help children across the country that might lose their parents to deportation at any moment. She also gave him a white embroidered cloth reading “Speaker Boehner, 11 million.”

“I know Speaker Boehner is a good man, and as a father, he knows what’s right. I hope he does the right thing and helps kids soon.”