FIRM Spotlight: The Sanctuary - Receiving Award from New America Media

the sanctuaryThe Sanctuary, an outstanding pro-migrant blog where I cross-post diaries from time to time, will be receiving an award at the upcoming National Ethnic Media Expo & Awards event June 3 -5. From Nezua, one of the founding editors at the Sanctuary:

We are happy to announce that The Sanctuary (ProMigrant.Org) will be receiving an award that, in 2006, Hillary Rodham Clinton described as "the equivalent of the "Pulitzer Prize" for journalism (including New Media of course) in ethnic media! I leave it to politicians wielding impressive phraseology for various reasons to convince you that the award is quite that important, but nonetheless. We are very proud to be recognized for the work we do at our little human rights agenda community.

A BIG Congratulations to all the great folks at the Sanctuary. You deserve it.