FIRM Spotlight: Rights for All People - Great Work in Colorado

rap-logo_banner2Our partners in Colorado are doing great work. Rights for All People is an organization that works "with immigrants and their allies to bring immigrant voices and humane policies to the struggle for justice, dignity and human rights for everyone in Colorado". Recently, they were featured in an article in the Aurora Sentinel. The group, who has worked for years in the Denver area, recently opened up a new office in Aurora. They have been actively working with the immigrant communities in the Aurora area in order to build bridges between immigrants and local law enforcement.

“The reason why were working through this organization is because we want our children to grow up in a world where they can live without fear, and where things are equal,” Consuelo Vazquez, a volunteer with the organization, said through an interpreter.

In the coming months, the group plans to have regular office hours so community members who have concerns — including reports of civil rights violations — can knock on the group’s door and get help, Parkey said.

Read the full article here. And GREAT WORK guys - keep it up!