FIRM Spotlight: FLIC continues education and advocacy

Thanks to FLIC for this Coalition Update:Last week more than 6,000 signed postcards collected by local churches, community groups, farmworkers and students were delivered to Senator Martinez's offices in Tampa and Orlando to demonstrate the widespread support of Floridians for reform. FLIC groups statewide have mobilized this month to demand comprehensive immigration reform. Our Prayer Vigils and canvassing efforts have involved more than 100 Florida organizations and churches in the movement for fair treatment of Florida immigrants. Everyday more and more phone calls pour in on the toll-free number, 1-800-417-7666, that connects callers with Senator Martinez and Senator Nelson's offices in Washington to tell them that we need reform now!

Our first Prayer Vigils this month took place May 9th -11th in Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee, Pensacola and Orlando. The next stage of events kicked off in Orlando on May 23rd, when FLIC groupsalong with ACORN, Democracia USA, and SEIU went door to door educating local residents and collecting signatures to send to lawmakers to demonstrate the broad support for immigration reform in Orlando and the widespread concerns about the high fees, the "touch back" provision and restrictive family reunification terms of the current proposal.

Later in the month when our Senators returned to Florida to take a week off for Memorial Day, FLIC groups sprung into action once again! More than 100 groups held prayer vigils and canvassing events (in more places than we have room to list here!) reminding lawmakers that people in Florida want and need a comprehensive reform now. Thanks to all the people who participated in these activities! Remember to weigh in with your Senators at 1800-417-7666 on the need to recognize the work and dignity of immigrant families!