FIRM Spotlight: Center for Intercultural Organizing - Portland, OR

You know it's a good morning when you get to hear about a some great local organizing. In Portland, OR the Center for Intercultural Organizing has been working with other dynamic community organizations to promote pro-immigrant initiatives in their city. After passing a pro-immigrant resolution in their city council last fall, they are now working on a city-wide task-force to propose and implement pro-immigrant city initiatives. That's some great energy.

The Center for Intercultural Organizing was initially founded in repsonse to anti-muslim sentiment in the Portland area after 9/11, but through the determination of countless volunteers and community leaders it has grown into a diverse grass-roots organization working to promote multicultural community strength in the city.

I highly recommend you check out their latest report "Uniting Cultures in Portland", written in association with Bridging Voices and Portland State University. It's a great read for advocates and it has useful insights for anyone looking to push pro-immigrant initiatives in their own town. Our hats are off to Portland and to the Center for Intercultural Organizing!