FIRM Spotlight: 40 Anti-Immigrant Bills are Dead in Tennessee; More funding for ELL

tirrc2.jpgtirrc.gif Images from TIRRC marches this year. 

Thanks to the hardwork of the Tennessee Immigrant And Refugee Rights Coalition and other committed advocates throughout the state, 40 anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature were killed in the last session. Not only did they help defeat these bad bills, but they helped win increased funding for English Language Learning classes in public schools across the state. Check out the work of TIRRC:

The hard work, smart strategies, and persistence of the Tennessee immigrant community and its allies have prevented 40 detrimental bills from becoming Tennessee law!

The 40 failed bills WOULD HAVE: created a special immigrant tax, required landlords to check immigration status before renting apartments, forfeited the wages of many immigrant workers, made the driver's license test available only in English, made it a crime for government employees not to turn in undocumented immigrants,  as well as causing MANY OTHER HARDSHIPS FOR IMMIGRANTS, AND INDIRECTLY HARMING ALL TENNESSEANS.

There were unfortunately four anti-immigrant bills that passed, including a tragic repeal of Tennessee's Driving Certificate Law. For more information on all of these bills, check out our website at

Check out local ways to help beat back the tide of negative legislation with the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative.