Fair Immigration Reform Movement Denounces Trump’s Hateful Plan Calling on Mass Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 17, 2015CONTACT: Carlos Vogel, (202) 239-2133, cvogel@communitychange.org

(WASHINGTON)--The following statement is from Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) in response to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan calling for the massive deportation of 11 million hardworking immigrants, the repeal of DACA,  tripling the number of ICE agents, and the end to birthright citizenship, among others.

“Donald Trump decided to back up his racist, extremely anti-immigrant rhetoric about immigrants with his newly released immigration plan that is equally xenophobic and insanely impractical. The plan that is radically out of step with the wishes of the majority of Americans across the spectrum calls for massive deportation of the 11 million hardworking immigrants, the repeal of DACA, tripling the number of ICE agents, the reduction to the refugee program, the defunding of sanctuary cities, and the proposal to change the definition of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to end birthright citizenship, is nothing but the continuation of the hard-line extreme anti-immigrant credentials that he staked out when he first announced his candidacy.”

“This plan is a stunning and dangerous display of hateful political posturing. It has to be one of the most disturbing and costly policy plans ever released by a Republican or Democrat. What Trump forgot to mention is the fact that his plan would cost Americans up to 200 billion dollars. Trump’s hateful rhetoric to appeal to a narrow class of racist voters is not a strategy worthy of anyone running for president.  His plan is offensive to America’s core values of family, fairness and inclusion.”

“Trump should quit treating immigrants as a political punching bag. We are families.  We are voters. We have memories. We are highly engaged in the national debate over immigration reform and expect to hear policies that preserve family unity as the cornerstone of our nation’s values. We demand a clear path to citizenship for the families who work hard and contribute every day to America’s economy and communities.”

“We will continue to fight back against the hate spewing from the Republican primary circus. Americans expect more and Latino and immigrant voters will demand more.”


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