FIRM Condemns Arrest of Fast For Families Participant Eliseo Medina


For Immediate Release: Saturday, March 22, 2014Contact: Ricardo A. Ramírez, (202) 339-9371

FIRM Calls on Boehner, Other GOP Congressmen, to Support Vote on Immigration Reform

(WASHINGTON)—The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) condemns the arrest yesterday of renowned immigrant rights leader Eliseo Medina as he peacefully attempted to visit Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart at his Miami office. FIRM urges Diaz-Balart, along with other GOP members of Congress who have voiced support for immigration reform, to call on Speaker John Boehner to bring a vote on comprehensive immigration reform to the House floor now.

“The arrest of Eliseo Medina, who fasted for 22 days last fall to show his solidarity with those who suffer great hardships in coming to America for better lives, was a travesty,” said FIRM spokesperson Kica Matos. “Medina’s arrest comes amid a broader pattern of GOP leaders, from Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehner himself, closing their doors to immigrant families and advocates. Neither FIRM nor other immigrant rights groups will be deterred from continuing their fight for immigration reform.”

“Speaker Boehner and other GOP members of Congress know there are enough votes in the House to pass immigration reform,” Matos said. “Boehner’s continued stalling signals that the GOP has run out of excuses to not pass immigration reform, which is supported by the majority of Americans, according to numerous polls. He and his Republican members should stop blockading their offices whenever Latino and immigrant families show up.”

Medina was released from jail this morning. He was arrested along the Miami stop of the Fast For Families bus tour, which kicked off its nationwide tour on Feb. 24. The tour ends in early April.


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