FIRM Blasts Alabama Judge For Upholding Outrageous Immigration Provisions

Ruling Shows Why Congress Must Act Now to Fix Immigration System

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement today blasted an Alabama judge’s ruling that upholds harsh immigration provisions that are unfair to immigrants.

In her ruling yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn refused to block the toughest provisions of the law, H.B. 56. Now, undocumented immigrants in Alabama must carry documents required by federal law, and police have the authority to determine the immigration status for anyone they stop, detain or arrest.

Also, Alabama public school officials have to determine whether school children were born outside the United States or are children of undocumented immigrants.

“Alabama’s law gives police the right to racially profile people and sends a message to all immigrants that they are being singled out,” said FIRM spokesperson Marissa Graciosa. “This law will do nothing to create fair immigration laws. Congress must act now to fix the immigration system before more states follow Alabama’s terrible example.”

“In Alabama, immigrant families are now scared of being out in public or sending their children to school,” Graciosa said. “Many left their native countries because of similar fears from the police. It’s a disgrace that in the United States, people are made to feel like criminals because of their nationality.”

“Congress’s refusal to act on this issue has signaled to states that it’s OK to create their own policy on immigration,” Graciosa said.