FIRM Ads at Inauguration get shout-out

taxi-top-2Our recent ads in Washington, DC were given a shout-out as an example of humanizing portrayals of immigrants - portrayals that are sorely needed in the discourse on immigration. These ads, seen on taxi tops around the city are just a part of the many ways we are bringing our message straight to the administration. Help us fund this remarkable campaign, by donating at!

Below is an excerpt from the article:

If we speak about immigrants as we would a brand, then Brand Immigrant is in serious need of a makeover. Why does the word "immigrant" lack the positive and almost glamorous imagery of the word "expat," for example? With the inauguration just days away, Fair Immigration Reform Movement is taking its message directly to Obama.

The group is using advertising to shine a positive light on immigrants, restoring dignity and respect to what was once a highly valued American asset. Taxi toppers -- with images featuring immigrants from Mexico, Vietnam, Ireland and Ethiopia -- make the statement "Mr. President, you can count on me." They will be displayed in Washington throughout Inauguration week, which includes an immigrant reform movement "Day of Action" on Jan. 21.

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