Firestorm: Vulnerable Populations Abused in Natural Disaster - AGAIN

sandiego2.jpgneworleans2.jpg   Which disaster is which? (top= San Diego 2007; bottom= New Orleans 2006) 

After the countless exposes on New Orleans, someone would have thought we had learned our lesson- vulnerable communities as such as the poor, elderly, and special needs should NOT be neglected or abused during natural disasters, rescue efforts, and in the months following.

ICE, and the current administration missed the memo and the terrifying reports of abuses against vulnerable populations - including checkpoints and raids on migrant workers fleeing from the fires and trying to return to their homes - are inexcusable. CNN covered this story for HOURS each day- where was the coverage of this story?

When the mainstream media misses the story it's up to us to push it forward. Check out the latest report out of San Diego chronicling the abuses. PLEASE share with others.

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