Finally, Progress! But the Work Continues.

Last week marked a big step forward in our fight for fair immigration rights in this country. But although the Obama Administration said it would halt efforts to deport immigrants currently in deportation proceedings who have not been accused of serious crimes, including DREAM students, we still have a lot of work to do.

We encourage you to thank and support the Administration’s decision by calling the following numbers to the White House:

For English speakers: (866) 998-2910

For Spanish speakers: (866) 996-5161.

We must remember that Republicans will try more than ever now to stifle the promising hopes of the new policy. That’s why we need as many pro-immigration voices to be heard, so please call the numbers above.

Under the new policy, the Department of Homeland Security will individually review pending deportation cases and categorize them into low-priority or high-priority divisions. This means that immigrants who pose no threat to public safety will get the opportunity to remain in their adopted country.

This was originally posted in the blog of the Campaign for Community Change.