Feds watching anti-immigrant extremists

Since 2000 the number of anti-immigrant groups has risen by 40%- part of that increase is due to a spike in extremist anti-immigrant groups, swayed by the hate speech of certain sectors of anti-immigrant advocates. From stock piling arms, to planting spikes to blow out tires outside of factories, to arson, to the abduction of two day laborers from LA - anti-immigrant extremists are becoming more vocal. We can only hope that our government will take the steps it needs to fight these threats to our public safety.

NOW is the time to take action against extremist groups. We have plenty of research, reports and statistics to show us that anti-immigrant sentiment is moving from words to actions- dangerous actions- and we cannot wait any longer for action.

USA Today reports that the Feds are watching these extremists. The question remains- can they keep our communities out of harm's way?

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