Fasters to the 5th Circuit:  Your Intentional Anti-Immigrant Political Delay Strategy Won’t Work

Fasters Hold a Fast Public Closing Ceremony and Lay Out Next Steps (New Orleans, LA)— The Fast to Keep Families Together participants, along with The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), directly impacted immigrant families and national leaders representing faith, labor, civil rights and the community will hold a closing ceremony to end the nine day fast on Thursday, October 22nd outside the courthouse in New Orleans. At this time, the next steps in the fight to push the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a ruling on administrative relief will be announced.

“The strategy of anti-immigrant Republicans, aided by a conservative court that seems intent on blocking administrative relief orders, continues to tear apart thousands of families every day,” said Sulma Arias, FIRM’s spokesperson. “The courage and sacrifice of the fasters was noted around the country, and will not be in vain. We will continue to fight hard and fight back until we prevail in the courts and can move to implement DACA+ and DAPA.”

The court’s delay in issuing a ruling has made many wonder if they are acting with a political bias in order to advance a conservative Republican agenda. “Tearing families apart to advance an anti-immigrant agenda for political reasons is unacceptable and inhumane,” stated Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona and one of the fasters. “What the Republican Party and the 5th circuit court judges need to realize is that this is not just a policy issue; it’s personal, it’s about respect and dignity, and it’s about millions of lives. This is why we will continue to pressure the Fifth Circuit and others who stand in our way.

WHO:      13 fasters, along with The Fair Immigration Reform Movement,                              impacted immigrant families and national leaders representing                            faith, labor, civil rights, and the community.

 FASTERS: Petra Falcon, PAZ Executive Director, AZ.

Isabel Medina, DAPA eligible, CHIRLA, CA.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Wife is a DACA Recipient and has 4 U.S. Citizen                               Children, GLAHR, GA.

Tomas Martinez Vilchis, Friends and family eligible for DAPA, GKAHR,                           GA.

Jose Landaverde, Priest, Faith, Life, and Hope, IL.

Mayra Jannet Ramirez, DACA recipient and DAPA relative, Sunflower                               Community Action, KS.

Miguel H. Claros, DAPA eligible, CASA, MD.

Myrta Ventura, DAPA eligible, CASA, MD.

Rosario Hernandez, DAPA eligible, CASA, MD

Aldo Solano, DAPA relative and current DACA recipient, Causa, OR.

Nora Hernandez, DACA extension eligible, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos,

New Mexico.

                    Carlos Mauricio Jimenez, Friends eligible for DAPA, Make the Road New                         York, New York.

Ivania Castillo, Family eligible for DAPA, CASA, VA.

Daily solidarity participation from national and local leaders, as                           well as solidarity events around the country.

                         WHAT:   “The Fast to Keep Families Together” Nine Day Fast Public Closing                        Ceremony and Next Steps Announcement.

WHEN:   Thursday, October 22nd at 10:00 a.m. CST.

                   The Closing Ceremony is Open to the Press.

 WHERE:  Outside 5th Circuit Court. 600 Camp Street. New Orleans, LA 70130


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