Families Should be United and Free 

Families Should be United and Free 

After the Trump administration terminated the Flores Agreement, which sets maximum lengths of stay and minimum standards for families in detention, Sulma Arias, Director of Immigrant Rights at Community Change and spokesperson for FIRM, said: 

“The Trump administration is doubling down on their racist attacks on immigrant families by creating new rules for families in detention and ending the long standing Flores Agreement that set limits on how long children and families can be in detention. Detention centers can’t even meet current basic standards and have proven they are incapable of treating immigrant families with dignity and respect. 

Kids don’t belong in cages and the trauma this administration is creating by doing so will last a lifetime. 

Families should be together and free, no exceptions. 

We’ll say it again: families should be together and free, no exceptions.

And we’ll keep saying it until it is a reality in this country.”


FIRM Admin