Face Our Families!

By Erin Brock Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) groups and allies will rally across the country on Saturday calling for the House GOP leadership to step up and support comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for everyone.  The House leadership has ignored the calls for comprehensive immigration reform from the American people and now it is time for them to Face our Families.  These Face our Families events will remind leaders that it would be a colossal mistake to continue fighting against reform that is in the best interest of the American public.

Major actions held by FIRM members and allies will include a rally in Springfield, OH focusing on Speaker John Boehner, an action in Richmond, VA targeting Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a march & rally in West Chicago, IL focusing on Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam and a gathering in Spokane, WA targeting Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

These actions will vary from the creation of an art piece and the sharing of personal stories to large rallies and marches attended by thousands of people.  However, all of them will send the message to the House that empty words are not fooling Latino & immigrant voters.  And, they are certainly not helping immigrant families.

Standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform because of political dramatics is not only ineffective, it is inhumane.  Every day, the lives of hundreds of immigrant families are tragically affected by the broken immigration system and they will not be forced back into the shadows any longer.  Despite the call of FIRM and immigrant rights groups across the country for the House to pass reform before the August recess the House leadership has not stepped up to the plate and the American people will hold them accountable.

These Face our Families actions across the nation will highlight the power of the movement that is calling for immigration reform and its support from the American public (as numerous recent polls show).  It is critical that members of Congress are faced with the families that are affected by their cruel, politically calculated decisions.  We cannot forget the human toll of the broken immigration system and the immigration reform community will not back down until House leaders works towards and pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that keeps families together.