Migrants are consistently in danger. The stories of migrants being robbed, beat-up and left for dead, cheated, or extorted are endless. These stories are not told becasue migrants often do not approach the police, and are often too afraid to approach the police. To my knowledge, there has been no comprehensive estimate of crime against migrants in the US. I believe the numbers would shock and terrify most.

Who are the perpetrators of these crimes? Well, many are American men. Particularly businessmen, or landlords who hold power over a migrants life.

Just yesterday an 56 year old American man used his position of power to extort money from restaurant workers. I love it when anti-migrant folks ask me what I don't understand about "illegal". Well, frankly I'd like to ask them the same. By continuing to marginalize and isolate migrants from our communities, the extortion, the crime, and the abuse will only continue. And I haven't even started to talk about abuse against migrant women in particular....