Everybody knows you get a phone call

As a young kid growing up on the northwet side of Chicago, my world was confined to my local school, park and pool. There was very little I knew about jail. But the one thing I knew for sure, and most of my friends did too- you always get a call. From movies and TV I saw tons of characters go to jail, and they always got their call. It's how we treat arrested people in the US. Even if you are under arrest you have rights- no matter who you are, no matter where you are from. Somebody should probably sit ICE down and remind them of a few things even a young child from the midwest knows.

In a recent report by the Government Accountability Office ICE has infringed upon countless rights of immigrants, including the right to a phone call once detained. What can ICE possibly say to defend itself, and how can we possibly continue to remain silent.

I've had an idea brewing for a few weeks. It seems that many Americans continue to be unaware of individuals rights being broken in the US. We can write about it in blogs, the Washington post can write about it in articles. It's time we start SPEAKING and empowering people to act. Immigrants cannot stand alone for immgirant righs. Just like women, HIV/Aids victims, African-Americans and so many others that have fought for rights in the US have not stood alone in the past.

People need to start talking about these injustices at the water cooler, at their dining room table, in the streets. One of the first great steps towards this was the Rights Working Group Campaign- Night of a Thousand Conversations, in which hundereds of people around the US had conversation about due process and immigrant rights. That's a great start- but let's keep that momentum going.

Are you talking about immigrant rights in your neighborhood in a refreshing or innovative way? let us know about it. Action is based on inspiration and the great ideas of others never cease to inspire and motivate us. Let's keep moving, talking, screaming and uniting for justice....

DetentionFIRM Admin