E-verify Amendment Blocked in Senate

Over the weekend an attempt to add an E-verify amendment to the Stimulus bill in the Senate was thankfully blocked. The Wall Street Journal had an opinion piece explaining why, outside of immigration issues, E-verify would be harmful to the Stimulus bill.

Weekend negotiations over the Senate stimulus bill followed another dismal jobs report on Friday. So we're happy to report that negotiators so far have rejected a troublesome amendment that would require any business receiving stimulus funds to enroll in E-Verify, a government program for determining work eligibility. The last thing employers need now is more bureaucratic red tape.

E-Verify, which is currently voluntary, is a Web-based pilot program that allows employers to check the legal status of employees by matching their name and Social Security number against databases maintained by the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security. Proponents tout E-Verify as a way to curb the hiring of illegal aliens. But the program is plagued by serious problems that include misidentifying U.S. citizens as not authorized for employment.

...Not to mention the extra costs to businesses who are forced to enroll in the program.

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