DREAM Act Must be Passed Now

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017Contact: Jasmine Nazarett, jnazarett@communitychange.org (202) 339-9330

(WASHINGTON)—President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program and punt responsibility for the fate of 800,000 Dreamers to Congress means our federal lawmakers must act now to pass a DREAM Act that is compassionate and allows these Americans to stay in the country they know and love. One that does not fund Trump’s deportation machine that would only tear families apart. It is time for a clean DREAM Act vote in Congress.

“People’s lives cannot be left hanging in the balance while members of Congress waste time by engaging in petty partisanship,” said Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM). “We cannot wait for Trump’s self-imposed six months’ deadline for Congress to do something. We cannot allow Republican lawmakers to hold the DREAM Act hostage until they get the money they want to tear immigrant families apart. We take Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at their word that they will work to get a clean DREAM Act passed immediately. And we intend to hold them accountable.”

Research has continuously shown that DACA has not only improved the lives of Dreamers and their families and most importantly, how they are part of our communities and the fabric of this nation.

“We will not turn our backs on Dreamers and their families during their time of need.  And in case Republicans have not yet gotten the memo, we will put unrelenting pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan to work to pass a clean DREAM Act. While he has said he is sympathetic to their situation, he must put his money where his mouth is. That means acting like a leader and passing a clean DREAM Act. And doing so immediately,” Matos said.


The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) is the nations largest immigrant-rights coalition, with grassroots organizations in more than 40 states fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level. For more information, go to www.fairimmigration.org or follow us on Twitter @Re4mImmigration.