DHS Launches New Program, Wastes more of Your Money

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security announced a new program that is aimed at finding uncodumented immigrants held in county and city jails across the country. While DHS and ICE defend this decision with statistics showing an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants charged with "deportable" offenses.

However, as Dave Bennion at Change.org points out, their is a definite political agenda driving the Department of Homeland Security's information and decisions right now.

This is, as they say on The Wire, "juking the stats."  The top priority of any agency is self-preservation.  DHS, as the new kid on the federal block, has to justify its multi-billion dollar budget, and cranking up deportations of newly manufactured "criminal aliens" is a favorite method.

The fear is that immigrants who have legal rights to a visa or asylum could easily be swept up into this massive effort, without access to adequate legal counsel that could provide them such options.

"Our concern is making sure that people have access to counsel or are advised of their rights," said Kerri Sherlock Talbot, associate director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. "Sometimes people are pressured into signing away their rights by basically stipulating that they are removable from the United States," she said.

Also, even though ICE claims that it will only target "threatening" individuals, it is clear that non-threatening residents could very easily be included as targets.

Your tax dollars are hard at work deporting longtime residents who've committed misdemeanors, no matter how long ago or how inconsequential the underlying crime.  This is George Bush's vision for this Nation of Immigrants.