Detainees can't be found after closing of detention center....

"This is an extreme violation of detainees' rights," Neils Frenzen, a University of Southern California law professor, told the Daily Journal.

After a detention center holding about 450 immigrants in California was shut down for repairs, detainees were moved to new prisons - WITHOUT NOTIFYING their lawyers! Imagine if you own mother were incustody in a jail, and you visited her everyday to keep her strong, and one day you showed up and no one was there- no warning, no way for you to find out where she was.

ICE is playing with fire when they continue to impinge on the rights of immigrants in this country. No detainee should be moved without notifying the proper attorney and family, so that people can keep track of where their loved ones are, and keep on top of their case. If you miss a deadline on your courtcase, you can be in big trouble- and if you're lawyer can't find you, the possibility for setbacks is even greater.

If ICE is going to close detention facilities for repair, they must make the proper arrangements, ensuring the rights of all detainees are met.

Better yet, ICE should implement alternatives to detention.

DetentionFIRM Admin