Detained US citizens undergo removal proceedings?

Can you imagine being detained against your will for 2 months while the US government attempted to prove that your birth certificate was fake? You lose your job, your apartment and your life. It seems UNTHINKABLE in our country... But no, it's true- every year US citizens are under investigation by ICE and have their lives detroyed by unjust removal proceedings due to lack of oversight and accountability within our immigration system.

Here is just ONE of those stories:

"Orlando was pulled over in Tucson for a traffic violation. When the officer asked Orlando where he was from, Orlando explained that he was born in the United States and showed the officer his birth certificate, issued by the state of Arizona, along with his photo identification. The officer did not believe Orlando and arrested him. Eventually Orlando was placed in removal proceedings. Orlando was detained for two months while the Immigration Judge gave ICE more and more time to discredit the birth certificate. The Immigration Judge finally terminated proceedings against Orlando, but not before he had lost his job and his apartment as a result of his time in detention."

This story and others are highlights in a recent newsletter from the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project- read more on Page 3 - HERE

CLEARLY, ICE and our removal proceedings demand a mechanism for accountability and review in order to avoid horrific stories of detention. AND this is a reminder of how vital the work of attorneys and advocates working in detention centers across the country truly is. Though we never get to say it enough, thank you for your commitment and all of your hard work!