Debunking the Myth that Today's Immigrants are Somehow Different Than Past Immigrants

Yesterday a great article was written at Alternet that helped to disprove the idea that todays immigrants are somehow different than the immigrants of America's past. Even though America has accepted the title of "Melting Pot" and the majority of us can trace our roots to foreign countries, the scapegoating of immigrants continues at a fever pitch. Read the full article for an enlightening lesson in history and tolerance. Here is an especially interesting excerpt:

In every generation, the gloom and doom predictions about how those newer immigrants would ultimately lead to the nation's destruction have proven overwrought and inaccurate. By the third generation, the Irish, Poles, Italians and all the rest of Europe's immigrants had all become Americans. And so it will be with today's new immigrants. According to a recent study cited in The Washington Post, immigrants today are no different; in fact, the study noted that "immigrants of the past quarter-century have been assimilating in the United States at a notably faster rate than did previous generations."

Also, check out the Washington Post article here