DailyKos: Put Immigration Reform Back on the Agenda

Yesterday there was a great post up on Daily Kos laying out the reasons why immigration reform should be on the White House agenda for this year. Touching on Luis Gutierrez's Family Unity tour, the post argues why it is not only morally right to push through reform, but also politically salient. flic-rally-4

People who live in some of the states most affected by immigration are fully supportive of comprehensive immigration reform, and not just Latinos and Asians, but across the board including whites. There is little appetite overall for the Minuteman agenda. Remember, even Republicans nominated John McCain -- author of the last immigration reform bill -- as their nominee, despite facing primary opponents trying to one-up each other on their anti-immigrant rhetoric. The issue simply doesn't have electoral bite.

Well, at least it doesn't hurt us. Republicans have much more to fear: If it were to pass, 11-15 million undocumented immigrants (no one knows for sure the exact number) would eventually be able to vote. For reference, an estimated 12 million Latinos voted in 2008. Republicans won't want to flood the electorate with new voters from a demographic that voted for Obama 67-32 percent, not when their current efforts are doing nothing but further alienate Latinos.

But that's a crass electoral calculus, and it cuts both ways. Democrats can do the right thing and also help themselves politically. It's a no-brainer.

Click here to read the full post at DailyKos.

You guys sensing a pattern here? More and more people are joining in the call for comprehensive reform. All I have to say is; it's about time!