Criminal Prosecutions of Immigrants at a Record High

In line with the post below on the work of Robert Lovato, the New York Times ran an article yesterday that discussed the record number of immigrants that are being slapped with criminal charges. In the wake of the failed comprehensive immigration bill last Summer, the Bush administration has been ramping up enforcement in order to prove that its "serious" about the immigration issue.

This increase is intertwined with what Lovato has termed the "Guantanamization of Immigrant Detention".

Immigration lawyers have warned that the widespread application of criminal charges has resulted in overly hasty prosecutions and undermined immigrants’ abilities to exercise their immigration rights, which might allow them to avoid deportation.

“The federal government has decided that it’s O.K. in the criminal immigration context to shortcut the normal process,” said Kathleen Campbell Walker, the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the national immigration bar. “What this means is, let’s just run them through, to see how fast can we expedite justice.”

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