Conservative anti-immigrants unite!

Wow. You know, you get so used to seeing lip-serviced paid to anti-immigrant isolationists by federal government agencies in your OWN country, you forget they do it other places too.

The shadow minister for community cohesion told the paper: "There are a lot of people out there who are voting for the British National Party and it's those people that we mustn't just write off and say 'well, we won't bother because they are voting BNP or we won't engage with them'.

"They have some very legitimate views – people who say 'we are concerned about crime and justice in our communities, we are concerned about immigration in our communities'," she said.

Reading this type of rhetoric is eerie and disturbing. It calls to mind all the attention congress has been giving to the "fears" [racism? hate? scapegoating?] of anti-immigrant groups here in the US. Britain and the US may be facing different migration dynamics, but the interplay of political grandstanding and public manipulation by federal officials is truly cross-cultural.