Congressman calls for Immigration Reform as a Priority

Yesterday, Congressman David Price (D-NC), the chairman of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, spoke at length about his take on Homeland Security. One of his main points was the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Whatever the rationale, the next Administration must make immigration reform a higher priority and pursue it more effectively.  Such reform will strengthen our economy, reaffirm the rule of law, and enhance homeland security, allowing DHS to focus more effectively on that small percentage of illegal immigrants that has the capacity and the intent to commit crimes and do us harm.

He also touched on the administration's recent turn to an enforcement only policy. This is the same policy which Angelica Salas is denouncing, which is tearing apart families nationwide, detaining US citizens and forcing thousands of people into inhumane detention conditions.

The current Administration made some effort last year to promote comprehensive immigration reform, but it now seems to have turned 180 degrees toward an enforcement-only approach.  This might be interpreted as an attempt to appeal to the most hard-line anti-immigrant segment of the population, but some have painted it as an effort to drive home the need for immigration reform by inflicting pain on businesses and communities who depend on these workers.  If it really is some sort of perverse “tough medicine” policy, I find it doubly hard to understand, given the negative impacts on hardworking immigrants and their children, and because it has tradeoffs with other activities that could be helping to make our country safer.

Click here to read Congressman Price's full remarks.