Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Reaches out to State Lawmakers

Last week, FIRM's partners at the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) wrote to all Colorado State lawmakers and Governor Bill Ritter offering themselves, their 55-member organizations and community members as a resource for legislators resolving the complicated policy issues that will impact all Coloradans.

"As the state legislature and Governor make difficult budget decisions, we want to make sure representatives and senators consider the needs of all Coloradans, including immigrants and refugees," said CIRC Executive Director Julien Ross. "It's important our lawmakers know that we can provide information to help them make those choices."

CIRC sent a letter to lawmakers, stressing their commitment to tuition equity, voter reform, worker protections and taking the hate out of the immigration debate.

This is exactly the type of sensible approach to immigration that lawmakers should be eager to adopt during the new administration. The tides are turning and it is time that the new Congress deliver on the promises of change. You can read the full letter from CIRC here.