Spotlight CIRC: Colorado Governor Signs in Support of Immigration Reform

On Thursday, September 25th, a group of Colorado interfaith leaders and immigrant rights advocates joined Governor Bill Ritter to sign an interfaith pledge on immigration. One of FIRM's partners, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) was there calling for Just and Humane Immigration Reform.

By signing this pledge people commit to stand for America’s finest ideals and core community values and publicly reject the politics of division and isolation that fan anger and hate against any person or community. I will work towards just, workable and humane immigration reform.

Governor Bill Ritter spoke of immigration as a priority for the next Presidential administration.

"I know that a lot of issues are cued up " Ritter said at an interfaith rally on the steps of the Capitol. "Immigration has to be something that the federal government tackles in, I would think, the first year of the new administration."

We commend Governor Ritter's support on this vital issue and are proud of CIRC's great work in Colorado. We must all stand together to demand just and humane immigration reform.