CNN: You can't have it both ways - Drop Dobbs NOW

I have been writing about Lou Dobbs for over a year now. Recently I attended a protest in front of the Newseum here in Washington, DC to protest CNN launching their new "Latinos in America" series while they continue to broadcast the hate of Dobbs every week day. Courting the Latino population while simultaneously aiding and abetting in their dehumanization is hypocrisy at its worst. (Also I must mention I got a pretty cool poster pictured above - an added bonus).

As of late, there are three major national campaigns leading the call for CNN to fire Lou Dobbs and reclaim their journalistic credibility; the Basta Dobbs campaign, the Drop Dobbs campaign and the Enough is Enough campaign are all gaining some serious momentum in their fights against Leprosy Lou.

Now, there is a video making its way across the blogosphere that I think is the single most powerful video I've seen about exactly why Lou has got to go. Check it out:

[youtube =] At this point, CNN is feeling the heat. When I attended the protest at the Newseum, I was told the next day that 80% of the questions asked were about Lou Dobbs and his continued use of hate speech on the network. Plus, the Basta Dobbs campaign, led by, is boasting more than 50,000 supporters to date and the Drop Dobbs campaign is on the verge of launching a TV ad campaign targeting Dobbs  during the "Latino in America" series.

So, CNN, you must realize you can't have it both ways. Is it time to act yet?