CNN hides from it, so MSNBC runs Drop Dobbs Ad

Dobbs liar

America's Voice has been steadily working towards the goal of airing a Drop Dobbs ad on CNN. Originally, the target was to run the ad during CNN's off-the-mark "Latino in America", which featured no mention of good ole Leprosy Lou, for the record.

When CNN turned them down - hmmm... wonder why - they persisted and eventually started shopping the ad around on different networks. Last night, the ad ran for the first time on MSNBC. [youtube =]

By refusing to deal with Lou Dobbs and his nightly tirade against immigrants, Latinos, and people of color, CNN is quickly losing credibility as the “Most Trusted Name in News.”  As people become aware of the network’s one-sided coverage of immigration, they will start changing the channel -- which is exactly what we did. America's Voice is airing the ad on MSNBC!

Featured during the Rachel Maddow show, the ad ran in Atlanta, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. I didn't get to catch it last night, but I'd love to hear from any of you that did.

The drum beat against Dobbs is steadily growing louder and CNN is clearly feeling the pressure - why else refuse to run the ad?

For more coverage of this, check out this post over at the America's Voice blog with a roundup of posts.

And, if you haven't yet, click here to tell CNN to tune into the ad and drop the hate!

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