Closing in on Reform


For Immediate Release: September 20, 2013 Contact: For English language Media: Donna De La Cruz,, 202-339-9331, 202-441-3798 (cell) For Spanish language Media: Ricardo Ramírez,, 202-339-9371, (202) 905-1738 (cell)

Following Successful August Recess and Progress with Key House Republican, Nationwide October 5th Mobilizations will Drive Reform Home

WASHINGTON – The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), the nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, released the following statement on behalf of spokeswoman Kica Matos:

“The immigrant-rights movement, energized as ever with comprehensive reform within reach, will continue out-organizing the opponents of sensible reform with a pathway to earned citizenship.

“Following a resounding success over the August recess, the movement is focused on adding to its list of victories.Some 26 Republicans have now publicly supported a pathway to citizenship. This week, a crucial and conservative Republican, Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) indicated that immigration reform would be taken up by the House of Representatives.

“Our movement is composed not of powerful interests, but of breadwinners, parents, workers and children who face the threat and fear of separation from their most loved ones every day. In contrast, their opposition is a Republican Party that lives in a fictional world where they can succeed politically by pandering to an increasingly irrelevant, disorganized, disoriented opposition that is in the wrong side of history.

“Through a groundswell of historic pressure, we will build on the 26 Republicans and make headway toward our goal. Our massive mobilizations across the country on October 5th – with events in 100 cities and counting – will send yet another powerful reminder to the GOP: You’re either with us, or you go extinct. We remain confident that more House leaders will hear our voices and our families will achieve reform with an earned pathway to citizenship.


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