Civil Rights of Immigrants

On Sunday, May 20th, 2012 over 100 MOSES leaders actioned to hold Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon accountable for the actions of his officers and deputies and demand that they stop impounding cars and arresting undocumented immigrants who merely have expired licenses.  In the plaza of Ste. Annes Catholic Church, the action was lead by undocumented immigrants of Wayne County, where Detroit is located.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon commended the work of MOSES and its committed leadership, and committed to work with MOSES to create a racial profiling training for all of his deputies in the entire county. Sheriff Napoleon also committed publicly to allow his deputies and officers to use discretion with undocumented immigrants starting today by submitting a brief to his deputies througout the county – that hardworking business owners, mothers, students, etc, no longer must be detained merely for not having proper documentation.

Great victory for MOSES and immigrants in Wayne Country. This is incredible. This is how we alter the future of Detroit!

J. Michael Tasse, Oragnizer, MOSES