Citizens, Clergy Members Send Strong Message to Alabama Legislature to Repeal HB56

Today the Alabama Senate is expected to vote on an immigration bill that would make changes to the law that the Alabama governor signed last year, called HB56.  The Alabama House has already voted out HB658, which repeals aspects of HB56, but makes other parts of the law even harsher on immigrant families. Also today, a group of faith leaders and community members engaged in civil disobedience at the Alabama capital to protest the immigration law. Statement from Rich Stolz, Interim Director, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM):

‘The proposed changes to HB56 reflect the tremendous work put in by Alabama residents – immigrants, business leaders, faith leaders, citizens of all ethnicities and legislators – who care about Alabama’s residents, economy, reputation and future.  The courageous actions taken by opponents of HB56, including those offering themselves for arrest today, are an inspiration.

Regardless of the outcome of the Senate vote today Alabama can expect months, if not years, of litigation no matter how the Supreme Court rules in the Arizona v. United States. The changes being proposed to HB56 fall far short of repeal, and are unlikely to address its underlying flaws. Discrimination and hate cannot be tweaked.’

Here is a link to view today’s action: