CIR Legislative Update

Legislative Update Leading up to May 1st, discussions between Senate Democrats and Republicans and the White House continue.  Point Senators for the Democrats include Senators Kennedy (MA), Menendez (NJ) and Salazar (CO).  Senators Kyl (AZ), Cornyn (TX), Specter (PA) and Graham (SC) are representing the Republican Senators.  Despite reports that a deal may have been near at the end of last week, it appears that the discussions have not led to any clear path forward.  At this point, it seems unlikely that there will be a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  Instead, Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) is likely to take a bill directly to full Senate in mid to late May.  It's too early to say which bill Reid will take to the Senate for a vote.

In the House of Representatives, the STRIVE Act continues to make modest progress.  It now has 52 co-sponsors.  For a list of co-sponsors go to  It remains unclear whether the STRIVE Act will be the basis for further movement in the House as it appears that Rep. Lofgren (D-CA) who chairs the House Judiciary Committee appears more interested in bringing a bill that would attract more Republican support.  The STRIVE Act Lofgren and other Democratic Leaders have stated that they expect a bill to be brought up in the committee in June, and that the bill would go to the full House for a vote in July.