Chuck Norris Facts: Chuck Norris can solve the immigration debate

Yesterday, a video of Chuck Norris being interviewed by Geraldo Rivera was making the rounds. The clip shows Chuck Norris - yes the same Chuck Norris who has counted to infinity, twice - talking about his ideas for immigration reform.

Check it out:

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Not that I have ever doubted Chuck Norris' superhuman powers (the man can slam a revolving door, after all) but since he is a very well known uber-Conservative advocate and supporter of GOPers like Mike Huckabee, I kind of assumed his stance on immigration would be less, I don't know, sensible.

But Chuck Norris seems pretty down to earth about the issue in this clip. While I don't necessarily support his "plan", its a breath of fresh air to hear him acknowledge that undocumented immigrants are real people who are living in this country and trying to make a better life for themselves. It stands in stark contrast to the vitriol of folks who insist that undocumented immigrants are all criminals, out to kill the "America" we know and love.

Its worth noting that Chuck Norris thinks Mike Huckabee, his personal friend who he backs politically, would be open to a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

Ahem, GOP, listen to Chuck Norris - he knows all.

As Andrea Nill notes at ThinkProgress:

It wouldn’t be easy, but Huckabee and the Republican Party would probably benefit from regaining the trust and respect of Latino voters.

Meanwhile, Chuck Norris will be busy winning games of Connect 4 in three moves and waiting for a sensible debate on immigration.

You've been warned.