Chertoff chills Chicago to the bone: "It's gonna get ugly"

In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, Chertoff promised to continue his vigilant destruction of immigrant families in the US. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune  [video of Chertoff available on the site] quotes:

... part of a ramping-up of federal arrests of illegal immigrants, activity that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff recently warned is "gonna get ugly" after immigration legislation failed in Washington last month.

Arrests from workplace raids have skyrocketed from about 845 in 2004 to nearly 4,000 already this year, federal records show. Arrests of illegal immigrants who have ignored court orders to leave the country have doubled since last year to a rate of about 685 per week.

"We're gonna do more enforcement actions," Chertoff said during a recent Chicago Tribune editorial board meeting where he lamented Congress' failure to move immigration reform forward and predicted extensive grief. "And, if they have kids at home, even if we make arrangements with social services to take care of the kids, the kids are gonna be scared because Mommy or Daddy is not coming home that day."

What's the most disturbing thing about this?

Is it that Chertoff continues to hold up the suffering of children as a valid part of the US immigration system?

Is it the skyrocket increase in raids on workplaces?

Or is it what's not being said? That's where I put my money.

Chertoff still doesn't take responsibility for the skyrocketing costs of these programs and for the irresponsible and unethical actions of both ICE officers, local police and private detention centers that are under his watch. He also refuses to acknowledge the midnight raids on homes, the lack of basic human rights for the detained and the negative effects of these raids on non-immigrants throughout many of the rural and suburban communities where many of the raids are taking place each day with no newspapers, no cameras, and no public record of the losses and destruction caused by ICE.

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