CCC's Deepak Bhargava challenges Sarah Palin to a debate

by Dennis Chin, guest blogger Today, Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director of the Center for Community Change, challenged Sarah Palin to a debate on Arizona's new enforcement law (popularly known as SB 1070) and immigration reform.

By all accounts, Palin brought the heat first!  It's not surprising that she would endorse Arizona's new law.  But then she had to create a website and add Deepak's personal e-mail address and phone number for folks to tell us how wrong he is in opposing Arizona's new law!

From Deepak:

"...Palin also took the odd step of making it personal; she told her supporters to personally e-mail me. Many took the opportunity to send me racist and hateful messages. Though I'm an American citizen, several said they wanted me to leave "their" country.  Though I'm an American citizen, several said they wanted me to leave "their" country. The tone reminded me of Sen. John McCain's recent advertisement where he's praised by a white sheriff's deputy as "one of us." The message of the advertisement and Sarah Palin's supporters is clear: America belongs to white people and us colored folks ought to just get out.

In return, I challenge Sarah Palin to a national debate.

Text 'PALIN' to 69866 to challenge her to debate me

The American public deserves to know why our objections to this flawed law run so deep that we have called for a boycott.  They deserve to know why the country's immigration system has remained broken for so long.  They deserve to know how this law doesn't solve anything, but that a real, common sense solution is at hand.

Will you help me?

Text 'PALIN' to 69866 and we'll connect you with Palin's office.  Tell her to:

Accept the challenge by Deepak Bhargava from the Center for Community Change to debate him on SB 1070 and immigration reform on a national stage.

Thanks for all that you do."

IMO, this could be a fantastic opportunity for the immigrant rights movement - a national stage for some popular education and fact checking against the sea of misinformation and political posturing embodied by Sarah Palin and her endorsement.

Text 'PALIN' to 69866 to make this debate happen.