Bush, Destroying the American Spirit

Well, it's a beautiful sunday morning in Washington, DC! Hope you've got sun in your corner of the world. As we all go outside to get some rays, it's time to shed light on the continuing hyposcrisy of the Bush administration on immigration. President Bush told the nation this week that America's "ability to assimilate new immigrants" is our strength. Well Mr. Bush, and by extension Mr. Chertoff, how do midnight raids on innocent families, the detention of US citizen children, and the spread of terror throughout all of immigrant communities stand in line with these remarks?

That is the key question! It is the role of every american citizen to hold ourselves and our administration responsible for the health of our country- Immigrants are vital to the growht and development of the country, as Mr. Bush agrees. But the series of raids on immigrant families is destroying the very strength of this country. It's marginalizing our communities, driving people into the shadows, and killing the very spirit of welcoming in which our country takes great pride.

Check out Bush's radio statement from Bender's Immigration Bulletin Daily (a great source of immigration news in your email inbox each day)

Bush Radio Address on Immigration "In his weekly radio address President Bush said, "America's ability to assimilate new immigrants has set us apart from other nations. In this country, our origins matter less than our dreams. What makes us Americans is our shared belief in democracy and liberty. Our Nation now faces a critical challenge: to build an immigration system that upholds these ideals and meets America's needs in the 21st century." [Link to audio.]

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