Bush Administration Proposes Paperless Overhaul of Immigration

From the Washington Post today:

backlogThe Bush administration has launched a major overhaul of the nation's immigration services agency, selecting an industry consortium led by IBM to reinvent how the government handles about 7 million applications each year for visas, citizenship and approval to work in the United States, officials announced yesterday.

If successful, the five-year, $500 million effort to convert U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' case-management system from paper-based to electronic could reduce backlogs and processing delays by at least 20 percent, and possibly more than 50 percent, people close to the project said. Those problems have long frustrated new Americans and other immigrants.

Sounds like a good thing to me, but how long will this overhaul take? And how will they ensure that nothing is lost during the transfer of information?

Lets hope this helps to continue the decrease in the backlogs that have proven so disastrous for people trying to immigrate to our country.