Bush Administration is Out of Control

Media outlets reported today that 359 individuals have been apprehended and deported in the San Diego, CA region in the last two weeks as part of Return to Sender.  ONLY 62 of these individuals were targets of the operation, all others were lateral arrests made in raids, primarily on private homes and families. The administration is going too far, and is creating an unacceptable climate of fear in our communities.

 From the Associated Press:

"Nearly all the arrests occurred at homes, authorities said. Only 62 people were targets in the operation — the rest were nearby when agents appeared, known as "collateral arrests."

Critics said the operation created a climate of fear.

"They're trying to sell it as something where they target (criminals) but it's become part of a larger dragnet," said Pedro Rios, director of the American Friends Service Committee's San Diego office. "It's not effective, and it's not a good way to do enforcement." "

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