Bush Administration continues to terrorize families

We cannot continue to allow families and US citizen children to suffer from the fear and terror imposed by the Bush Administration and their system of raids on our communities. Raids on innocent children will not fix our broken immigration system, comprehensive immigration reform is the first step. Here is one family's struggle:


By Jessie Mangaliman Mercury News

On Sofia Alvarado's 46th birthday, she stood beaming at the stove in her South San Jose home, mashing and stirring a clay pot of pinto beans. The rare afternoon was a mother's coveted gift: all five of her adult children and four grandchildren relaxing at home together at the same time. Her eldest daughter kicks a ball out front with her young daughter. A son watches over a grandchild while another son sleeps off his graveyard shift. Another daughter coos over an infant. The youngest daughter arrives from school. This is a celebration, but one with a painful center: Alvarado's eldest, daughter Aime Alvarado, 26, a beloved and integral family member, is also an illegal immigrant. All the others are U.S. citizens or permanent residents; Aime Alvarado's own 4-year-old daughter, Evelyn, is a United States citizen by birth. "I have everything," Sofia Alvarado says, slowly stirring the bubbling beans, "but I don't have everything. I want my family together." She repeats: "Together." While last year's tumultuous national debate over immigration reform focused largely on individual illegal immigrants, little was said about the impact of legislation on millions of "mixed-status" households like the Alvarados....

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