Buses and Trains Increasingly Targeted by Immigration Agents

Immigration Agents have recently stepped up arrests of undocumented immigrants aboard Amtrak trains and Greyhound Buses in the New York City area. Although the practice has been in place for some time, its increasing frequency and scope smacks of racial profiling.

The patrols have sparked protests in the city as well as upstate, most recently last weekend in Syracuse, where a group said that agents have even targeted U.S. citizens who look "foreign". Immigration attorneys say witnesses have said that agents sometimes question only people of color.

Additionally, its seems as though the Department of Homeland Security is allocating more resources and money towards this endeavor, instead of going after real criminals who jeopardize public safety.

We are a nation of law, but is their enforcement money better spent going after criminals and youth gangs?" asked the Rev. Brian Jordan, of the Franciscan Immigration Center in Manhattan, who has counseled one Irish and 12 Mexican and Central American undocumented immigrants who were taken off Greyhound buses and Amtrak trains in the past year.

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