Building Pressure on Senate -- Please forward toll-free number!!

FIRM is continuing to support the efforts of communities across the country in placing pressure on their Senators for change. We work with the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration reform to provide resources and assistance to the field. I wanted to repost an action alert for the TOLL FREE 1-800 number that the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform has set up that YOU and your organization can use whenever, whereever over the next months. The lines stay open at all times. I use it to call my senators a couple of times a week to keep my voice counted, and I encourage you to do the same!

Let's have this number go viral- forward to anyone and everyone....

The message now isn't simply pass  comprehensive immigration reform- it is pass HUMANE and JUST comprehensive immigration reform that includes among other provisions- a pathway to citizenship for workers, that preserves family unity and creates a workable legalization program... I'm sure you've got your own priorities and you should write about them here!

Thanks to Maurice Belanger at the National Immigration Forum for this action alert:

Call Your Senator

Since the announcement of the Senate agreement, pressure on the Senate has been very intense, coming from conservatives who are demanding that there be no path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  The intensity of feeling from conservatives will make it very difficult for conservatives in the Senate to support a bill that moves in a more generous direction.  Senators must hear more from advocates who believe undocumented immigrants should be provided a path to citizenship in a comprehensive reform of our broken system.  Please call your Senators. You can use the number set up by the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform: 1-800-417-7666. You can connect to your Senator through that number.  Keep it simple.  Tell your Senator:

Congress must fix the broken immigration system this year and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform means providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who have been working and paying taxes, but forced to live in the shadows. Comprehensive immigration reform means supporting family unity and protecting workers from exploitation. Comprehensive immigration reform means making sure immigrants come legally with a visa instead of with a smuggler.

Tomorrow the battle begins to make improvements in the Senate bill.  We hope that Senators hear from supporters of immigrants, and will not be intimidated by the loud voices calling for enforcement only.